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The photo giving project

A project by photographer Nando Azevedo focusing on the power of photography to create identity on a personal level.

This story contains graphic content and viewers discretion is advised.

In many developing areas of our world you can still find people who have no access to a camera or professional photography, making it harder for people to create a sense of identity or to preserve their memory for themselves or future generations of their family.

Photographer Nando Azevedo visited places where people have no or very little access to professional photography in rural India and Sri Lanka. Making portraits and using a portable Polaroid printer to print these pictures and give it back to the subjects, so they can treasure their memories forever.

"Think about the significance of a family portrait. Think about the amount of memories and feelings your family photos bring you. I know this because this is what I do for a living. That moment in time that is never coming back is priceless."
Nando Azevedo

The proposal with this project was  to take as many pictures of people as possible, with a focus on showing people in a dignified light. Taking photos that give people a sense of identity, pictures that bring them joy, pictures that they can keep for generations to come.

Every person that participated on the project was gifted with one or more prints that can be used for their own personal family heirloom. This project was not intended to fight any major societal problems, but it was focused instead in showing kindness to the people portrayed within the images themselves.

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