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Teach for Nigeria

Photographer Teanna Woods Okojie turns her focus on rebuilding the education sector in Nigeria.

This story contains graphic content and viewers discretion is advised.

Nigeria was ranked as the country with the highest number of out-of-school children in the world, approximately 10.5 million. Despite that, 60% of the children enrolled in primary school are not learning. The quality of teaching and learning is so poor that many do not go to secondary school, and of those that go to secondary school many can not even read and write when they finish and nearly 10% make it to the tertiary (college) level.

Teach for Nigeria believes there is no single solution to a problem as complex and systemic as educational inequity, addressing it requires many solutions. "While we cannot single-handedly solve these problems, we believe that we can act as a catalyst to build a formidable network of determined leaders who understand the root causes of inequity and are committed to challenging it." -Chief Executive Officer Folawe Omikunle

"Imagery is powerful, having the ability to capture change is beyond important. I believe when we focus our lens positively even in the midst of great turmoil, beautiful imagery is created."
Teanna Woods Okojie

A network of independent, locally led and locally funded organizations with a unifying mission to expand educational opportunity around the world has been working to improve the public school education system and students in classrooms now.

Simultaneously they work to build the long-term movement for educational equity in their countries. In order to achieve this, the organizations recruit outstanding graduates and professionals from a range of academic disciplines to commit two years to teach in high-need schools and communities and to work throughout their lives to ensure more students are able to fulfil their potential.

The images depicted have been used for national campaigns to promote awareness on the education crisis in Nigeria. Being that the conditions are less than ideal for a productive learning environment for both students and teachers, Teeana was able to capture hope and joy in the classroom. Capturing joy is key in showing there is great potential and hope for the future.

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