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Multi-faceted Shayne Robinson is a son of the diverse culture of the Rainbow Nation, a photographer, videographer and a journalist who is inspired by the elaborate forms of life that surround him on a daily basis. His collection of work greatly reflects the passion he feels for Africa and the betterment thereof. Over more than 15 years, Shayne has worked in over 34 countries around the world covering everything from civil wars and natural disasters to corporate and sporting events.Shayne has always had a close link to the subjects that he photographs often finding himself conflicted and wanting to do more to help them. In 2005 a project about a ballet school in Alexandra township that he spent a year working on, earned him a 1st prize, Arts, and Entertainment in the prestigious World Press Photo competition. As a result of this recognition, he was able to raise a substantial amount of funds to help support the school. Shayne’s work has been published in all of the local and most international newspapers and magazines, including The Star, Mail & Guardian, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Sunday Times (UK), National Geographic and Russian Vogue. Shayne has also been the recipient of the Fujifilm Press Photographer of the year award, CNN African Journalist award and the Mondi Awards. Some of Shayne’s clients include Greenpeace, Section 27, IFAW, The Treatment Action Campaign and Save South Africa. Shayne loves nothing more than immersing himself in the stories that he is working on and brings this passion to every single job he works on, no matter how big or small it may be.

Shayne Robinson

Professional photographer
Based in
Johannesburg, GT, South Africa

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I have extensive experience in image research, which is intimately related to my career as a professional photographer working in the industry since 2003. In Paris, I worked with a notable list of diverse clients including Elite, Ford, Viva, Women, and Karin & Silent model agencies. During my time living in China I worked for prestigious publications such as Vogue China, L’Officiel, Madame Figaro, Milk Magazine, Ilook magazine, Modern Weekly and many more. I also cooperated on various advertisement campaigns for Hilton Hotels, Martell Cognac, and Elite World and China model competitions. As a result, I have extensive knowledge and confidence in navigating the ins-and-outs of the photographic medium and industry. My expertise in the photography industry extends beyond my work as a professional photographer. In 2012, following my relocation to Bangkok, I co-founded an online photography and lifestyle magazine called This project has allowed me to expand my skills in coordinating photo-shoots, conducting image research, developing visual identities, as well as approaching ideas using diverse and innovative editorial angles both in lifestyle and fashion. In addition, I co-founded and curated an online contemporary gallery named Weissprint (, providing me with new skills in managing photographers and selling their work. It should also be noted that I have lived in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 15 years in culturally vibrant cities including Hanoi, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, and Bangkok. These precious years have provided me with very intimate insights into the region and its people, allowing me to develop nuanced communication skills and a taste for exploration.

Matthieu Lunard

Professional photographer
Bangkok, Thailand