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Serena Stevenson

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Serena Stevenson

Professional photographer
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Internationally awarded documentary photographer and film maker Serena Stevenson mostly focuses on culture, community and human connection. Serena works both commercially and with NGO's. Serena has a wide knowledge and practice in multi platform story telling and also has a participatory story facilitation company which hands the power to the subject to make, edit and share their own stories. 'Being half Italian and raised in Auckland has instilled in me a great faith in humanity. I love the spontaneity of the diverse world we live in, where belonging is everywhere. I have a strong belief that story is in everything, and we can make a difference with our creativity. I often say it's the David Attenborough approach, share the magic of humanity in hope it will inspire us to preserve nature and all life. My Nonna (Grandmother) came from Calabria, Italy to Melbourne after the War WW2 for a better life. She lived, loved and worked in a foreign land with her husband and ten children to build a future. From this I learned the value of simplicity and it is my aim to always find the simple solutions in work and life. No matter how the channels change, emotive storytelling will always be at the core of my purpose.' Serena Stevenson

Based in
Auckland, AUK, New Zealand
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world