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Ouadah Mustapha

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Ouadah Mustapha

Amateur photographer
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My name is Mustapha, I'm studying protection and restoration of cultural inheritage. I'm from Algiers, Algeria . I consider myself as a street photographer . It's always fascinating for me, to walk the streets with my camera trying to find order and balance in a seeming chaos . Cities are my playground, where humans are the center of my work. The most challenging part is trying to find greatness in ordinary thing and daily life. Beauty and harmony are everywhere, and it's up to the photographer to snap the photograph at the right moment . Day after day, my vision is evolving on my society, photography brought me a more human contact with people and strangers that I wouldn't have known without photography. There's in every street's corner a story to be told and an encouter to be done .

Based in
Algiers, Algiers Province, Algeria
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world