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Lola Wallace

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Lola Wallace

Amateur photographer
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Born and raised in London’s east end, I went to school with kids whose parents came from all over the world, it was an incredible mix of cultures. My own parents had settled in London when they were children, dad from Trinidad in the West Indies, my mum from Guyana in South America, so I thrived in such a diverse environment. After school, I went to university gaining a BA Hons degrees in Cultural Studies, which in turn led to my fascination with people’s unique stories, where they came from, how it had shaped them and where they may be headed. About that same time, I’d started to develop a keen interest in photography, so it seemed obvious that this would work as a fine medium to try to capture, in a singular moment, some aspect, some fragment of these peoples lives.

Based in
Colombo, Colombo District, Sri Lanka
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world