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Ksu Postolnik

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Ksu Postolnik

Professional photographer
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Hi, I’m Ksu. Raised in the Caucasus Mountains region of Russia, I left home at 17 to study natural sciences in Moscow State University. After the graduation, I worked for Garmin as a cartographer, and it is there that I became interested in travelling and photography. I later moved to California, where I now run my photography business, and also teach Natural Sciences at a Russian Heritage school. I live in San Jose with my boyfriend, Genaro, who makes the most delicious tacos in the world, and who makes me really happy every day. Photographing nature and people constantly reminds me that the Universe is on our side, the world is alive and breathing, and nature is worth fighting for. I love people and I love meeting cultures and I love immersing myself into their ways of life. And if I can capture these situations on a camera and show the rest of the world, it’s opening their eyes. We live in such a fairytale kind of environment. For us to see what such a huge percentage of the world is living in or coping with – I think we need to see it. And hopefully it triggers that want in us to help.

Based in
San Jose, CA, USA
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world