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Julia Schoenstaedt

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Julia Schoenstaedt

Professional photographer
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Hailing from Berlin, Julia Schönstädt is an award winning freelance photographer and video maker, who earned her Masters at Goldsmiths (University of London) and has gone on to have journalistic works published with The Guardian, der Spiegel, Huffington Post and many more. Over the past three years she has covered the compelling criminal case of Ms. Stacey Hyde, who was acquitted and released in May 2015 with the help of Justice for Woman, a campaigning organisation whom Schönstädt partnered with on the case. In 2012, Schönstädt and her partners founded “The 16 Bars Project”, a multi-media collaborative project working with the aim to raise awareness of the penal system through the medium of art. In 2014, her persistence to gain access to the German prison system and subsequent body of work was recognized with an award from The Guardian. At the centre of her work stands always the ‘human element’. Schönstädt seeks out stories on people who have faced challenges and indeed are challenged by life itself. Through her photographic and video works, the thread of an anthropological line is deeply woven. ---- Besides my London based commercial photography I am passionate for travel and social projects. I love to meet people and learn about their life and their culture.

Based in
London, Mx, United Kingdom
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world