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Professional photographer
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References :  Octobre 2009 : Individual exhibition at the  COLORSET gallery /Algiers / Algeria   April 2010 : Collective exhibition at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art / Algeria  May 2010: Individual exhibition at regional theatre Abdelmalek Bougarmouh /Bejaia. June 2010: Individual exhibition at house of culture / Tamanrasset / Algeria Mars 2011: Collective exhibition at the Scientific Leisure Centre / Algeria February 2012:  Ten days of humanitarian aid caravan to Tamanrasset as animator of photography worshop / Algeria April 2013 :  Seven days at  Toudja photography residency organized by Toudja museum of water  Mars 2014 : Second edition of the euro-algerian photography residency "Constantine, culture and heritage " Septembre 2015 : Collective exhibition at the hilbertraum gallery   under the theme of Contemporary Algerian Photography / Berlin 

Based in
Algiers, Algiers Province, Algeria
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world