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Aydin Matlabi

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Aydin Matlabi

Professional photographer
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My name is Aydin Matlabi, I am a humanitarian artist and my works challenge the vision of how we perceive our global world. Having been raised in the urban environment of Montreal, I had the privilege to grow up in a community who stood for human rights, woman rights and equality. However, as I started to work in developing countries and war zones I become more aware of the many cultural obstacles’ that prevent us from relating to the many social problems in those nations. As an artist my main purpose is to create art that help the suppressed communities and create a voice for them. Having worked in Haiti, Afganistan, South Tailand, Iraq, Iran, DRC and many more countries who struggle for liberty, I will risk it all to create narratives and stories in order to provide visibility for human right. My art finds strength and humanity in the most difficult places. I have built a none for profit ( that creates sustainable visuals for grass roots organization who support woman right and child protection. Therefore, better representing the powerful work they do. With all financial gained is directly deposited in the organizations account. In addition, with support and training, I will teach the locals to document them self. Creating powerful visuals is not enough, we need to find sustainable solutions. Supporting, education and giving the power to does who have lost it.

Based in
Montreal, QC, Canada
willing to travel
Anywhere in the world