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United We Stand Media Organization

Member since
October 11, 2017
Children & Youth

United We Stand Media Organization (UWSMO) is youths or young minds centered organization that is dedicated to improving the health, educational attainment, human welfare and creating opportunities among young minds without discrimination. In doing these, UWSMO creates platform in all nations of Africa where talents are discovered, built and exposed to the world. UWSMO works side by side with individual, private and public organizations, corporate bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other partners in the world to ensure conducive atmosphere for talent development by so doing African nations are liberated from poverty-base-economic. UWSMO organizes series of dynamic programs for the purpose of her objectives. Among these programs are talent discovery program, skill acquisition and training, cultural display, preservation and unification program, peace-making, health intervention and counter terrorism program. UWSMO helps in combating conflict, child abuse, drug addict etc among African nations.

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