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Millennium Elephant Foundation

Member since
September 29, 2016
Animal Welfare

Millennium Elephant Foundation is a family run charity organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of domesticated Elephants in Sri Lanka. Tending to the elephants’ physical, habitual and psychological needs, MEF offers a home, respite and the highest of care and protection for domesticated elephants, including elderly and disabled, many of which have been rescued from a long and hard working life. MEF is open to visitors and volunteers year round and relies upon the generosity of visitors and donors to continue its important work for the elephants, including to educate about the plight of domesticated elephants in Sri Lanka. There are many ways in which visitors can be part of MEF’s important journey and get involved. If you are interested in becoming a valued member or supported of MEF please choose from our menu options for more information about getting involved. Registered Charity number 457 Our aims To improve the quality of life for all elephants at MEF. To abolish elephant riding. To responsibly release all of MEFs elephants from chains. To be a leader and advocate for domesticated elephant welfare and responsible tourism in Sri Lanka. To be an educator and repository of knowledge and experience about domesticated elephant welfare.


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