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Zinc Network is a communications agency that helps communities, brands and governments drive positive social change. We are more connected than ever, but society is becoming ever more fragmented. We have unprecedented access to the world’s information, but public debate is increasingly polarised. As citizens and consumers, we are more empowered than ever before but have less and less trust in the institutions that shape our lives. In this complex and dynamic world, we believe that social change doesn’t start in boardrooms, government departments or universities but among the people closest to the problems. We use every tool in the box to empower people to become catalysts for change. We connect these people to the ecosystems of brands, governments, technology providers and civil society to help them achieve meaningful, scalable and sustainable impact. Our work is developed through a collaborative and iterative design process based around the following simple principles. Understand people – we bring together multidisciplinary researchers to understand the drivers behind issues, the norms which guide our behaviours, the incentives which impact our decisions and the networks and relationships which define us. Empower people – we work as closely as possible with the people affected by the issues we are trying to address and equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to change their own lives and communities for the better. Connect people – we connect people, civil society, business and government to create ecosystems that can address issues from multiple perspectives over an extended period of time to achieve scalable impact.

Zinc Network

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