About us

What is fairshots?

Simply put Fairshots is a platform that connects photographers and non-profit organizations. It makes it easy for organizations to browse and connect to photographer that are looking for world changing work, both globally and locally.

our mission

Our mission is to help photographers find important meaningful work at the same time that we provide a voice to organizations that are already doing this amazing work. We want to boost both the sense of self-worth within the photographic society, and the reach of organizations that are on the front-line of human affairs and social development. We believe a healthy and honest relationship between photographers and NGOS can bring benefits not only to themselves but also to the greater community.

our vision

Our vision is that in order to create significant systematic change on this planet, individuals have to take responsibility and be the actors of that change. We can no longer sit passively waiting for our leader or representatives to do as we want, we must take control of our lives by using the best of our skills and directing it towards the things we believe in. Fairshots is about giving that power to the photographic community of the world.

why photography

We believe photography is a very powerful art form, and it has the power to change deeply encrusted paradigms and beliefs in society as a whole. Yet many times when you choose to work with photography we end up having to work with things that are not so inline with our most important values just to be able to survive. In fact plenty of times the type of work done by professional photographers might even be propagating the stereotypes that go against those same values. We understand the value of photography and we want to shift it towards more socially responsible themes.

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>How come there are only a few FAQ?

Well the website is very new and people have not asked that many questions yet. But if you can't find your answers here use the contact form below to ask us anything.

>Can I register from any country?

Go ahead. We don't see why not.

> Do I have to pay anything to be a member?

Not quite yet. Fairshots is still on a beta (testing) phase and we are keeping things free until we figure out which way this is going to grow. In saying that we do have some costs associated with maintaining this website so donations are welcome.


>What if we don't want to hire any of the photographers that have applied for an opportunity?

That is fine. You are under no obligation to hire anyone.

>How do I choose the best photographer for my project?

It depends. Like most things in life "the best" is a matter or reference. The best person to shoot at a war torn country might not be the same best person  to get your corporate head-shots (or not). We recommend you visit the photographer's profile and judge by yourself if what he/she has to say with his or hers pictures and description is aligned with your organization's values.

>What's the main difference between projects that are funded vs projects that have nothing?

Projects that are funded have a better chance of attracting the right photographer as it won't incur on a big sacrifice on the photographer's end, meaning more photographers will be available. But in saying that we recommend you look at your other non monetary resources and articulate what is is that you can offer. It might just more precious than you think.

> Why would a photographer shoot for my organization when we don't have any funds available?

You have to remember that professional photographer are also artist and like to have personal project. It might just be the case the project he or she is working on is in line with your organization's line of work. Besides there is always a possibility that you can use the images created to raise funds and then reward the photographer.

For Photographers

>How do I apply for an opportunity?

First make sure you are already registered. Then visit an opportunity and click on the big green button that says 'Help this cause'.

>Can I apply for job opportunities outside my area?

Yes, but on the opportunity description you will find the organizations preference.  We recommend that you follow their preference. If you will be travelling to the area where the job will happen that might be worth mentioning when applying.

> How do you distinguish professionals from amateur from students?

A professional photographer is anyone who generates income from working with photography. An amateur photographer is someone who might have plenty of skills but does not necessarily works with photography. A student is someone who is studying photography.

> Can anyone apply to become a listed photographer?

Yes, everyone can apply. But we do check to see if what you are saying is consistent to what we see in your portfolio. If it is not up to standards we might refuse your application.

> Who owns the pictures created from fairshots assignments?

We leave that up to you. You can choose to maintaing all the rights for the images your create or give the organization right to it. We won't mess around with your personal preferences.