Animal Welfare
Millennium Elephant Foundation is located in Sri Lanka and aims to improve the lives of captive elephants. Started in the 1970's known as Club Concept, it was an ethical riding place where tourists could come and interact with elephants in a safe and ethical manner. This included elephant bathing, bare back riding, no howdah, maximum 15 minutes, maximum 3 people, at a fixed price. The vision was that if people had the chance to be close to the elephant and create a bond then they would go away loving and caring for elephants more. In the 1999's Millennium Elephant Foundation was opened to improve the lives of these elephants and all captive elephants around Sri Lanka. MEF pays for the food, medication, vet bills and mahouts wages. We house the elephants so that they are not having to work in worse off situations, such as the logging industry or the Howdah tourism industry. We are currently working very hard to transition to a non-riding establishment and are excited about our Elephant Walk Experience and Free Roaming Area - both of which will improve these elephants lives even more. The Elephant Walk Experience is a much more personal experience for tourists, who get to walk with an elephant through the jungle out back for 30-40 minutes. The elephant is free to do as it pleases, grazing and browsing as it likes with no commands from the mahout. Our Free Roaming Area allows the elephants to spend their extra time grazing and just being a normal elephant, instead of being isolated in their daybed. It has been wonderful seeing the elephants interacting with each other in this area and showing normal elephant behaviors.

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Based in
Randeniya, KE, Sri Lanka

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